Zoë goes out

Last Saturday was the first day of the (hopefully) 5 months of grass for the horses. So good to see how happy the horses are! Afgelopen zaterdag was de eerste dag van het (hopelijk) 5[…]

Good things

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden   Sometimes, I still find it hard to be back in The Netherlands, but sometimes it’s nice (for a while). Among the things that keep me going here, is my new[…]

Singapore in the Blonde

Scroll naar beneden voor de Nederlandse versie It seems ages ago since I’ve left Singapore (for good). I’m still trying to get used to my life in The Netherlands, the rain, the cold, the wind,[…]

Blond in New-Zealand

Voor de Nederlandse versie, scroll een stukje omlaag. People say that there is a bird in New-Zealand, called a kiwi. It can not fly or swim, it seems to be very shy and if you’d[…]

That’s that! (and Blond in Dubai)

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden I’m done in Singapore! We’ve moved out of our apartment (staying in our nice-neighbors’ place for a night) and tomorrow we’ll fly off to New-Zealand. We’ve been to Dubai from[…]

Blond in the Thai jungle

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden You might have noticed that I wasn’t active last week on social media. I actually was offline for a whole week. I must say that it was a really nice[…]

Blond on Ko Lone

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden Everybody seems to worry a lot about traveling by plane. But the dead man’s ride from the airport to the hotel, is actually the most dangerous part of the trip. Although[…]