Blond in Japan

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden 😉   On my way back home, I finally have time to tell you about my experiences in Japan. Although many people thought we would fall in love with the[…]

Blond on Ko Lone

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden Everybody seems to worry a lot about traveling by plane. But the dead man’s ride from the airport to the hotel, is actually the most dangerous part of the trip. Although[…]

Counting down

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden.   It’s been a while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I been sitting still. On the contrary, I find myself busier then ever. And now the count[…]


Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden Lately, I started walking a lot more than on the Thursday mornings only. That’s because Pleun and I  got the idea to make a book of all the beautiful walks[…]

Walk in Bukit Panjang

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden 😉   What happens when you go for a walk in an area far from the city center (as far away as you can get in Singapore)? You meet people who actually[…]

Hot spring

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar Beneden   Thanks to Nel I found this beautiful spot in Sembawang. It’s the one hot spring that Singapore has and rumour has it, that the spring will be gone soon.[…]

Taxi driver

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden   As written before (Taxi!), a large amount of cars in Singapore, are taxis. They are pretty much everywhere, they’re cheap and convenient. For these reasons we use them a lot.[…]


Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden   Last weekend, I met Franky at a bird corner in Beo Crescent HDB in Tiong Bahru.     It’s a place where uncles come together with their song birds. They[…]