The Book of Walks

Voor Nederlands, scroll omlaag Yesterday we could finally show what we’ve made the past year: The Book of Walks, Singapore. And it looks great and actually professional! The size is perfect, the paper is good and[…]

Singapore in the Blonde

Scroll naar beneden voor de Nederlandse versie It seems ages ago since I’ve left Singapore (for good). I’m still trying to get used to my life in The Netherlands, the rain, the cold, the wind,[…]

Blond in the Thai jungle

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden You might have noticed that I wasn’t active last week on social media. I actually was offline for a whole week. I must say that it was a really nice[…]

Blond in Japan

Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden 😉   On my way back home, I finally have time to tell you about my experiences in Japan. Although many people thought we would fall in love with the[…]

EHBO / First Aid

For English, scroll down Nu ik assistent instructrice ben bij de Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), behoorde ik in het bezit te zijn van een EHBO diploma. Dus afgelopen vrijdag heb ik een dagje[…]